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It is a sport activity that helps children develop in all spheres of life. It has many benefits for the children. 

Children between 1 and 5 years old need to be active all the time except when they are sleeping, eating or attending class. Playball provides such an opportunity for children to be active. Active children benefit from long-term health benefits.

Play ball also develops child’s social skills. It gives children an opportunity to participate in a team. They learn skills such as listening, sharing, teamwork, sportsmanship, communication and cooperation among other things. 

Children also learn life skills. Playball allows children to develop a healthy lifestyle from the beginning, increases confidence, concentration, indedependence, focus, tolerance, respect, fair play and many other important life skills.


Playball also improves gross motor and ball skills. It is specialised and result orientated, with small classes.It also prepares your children for primary school sports and sports in general.


Swimming is an amazing physical and mental activity your children need to learn.

Like many physical activities, swimming has many benefits for your children. Children who swim enjoy stress free life; they are mentally and physically healthy. Being able to swim means that your children will be water safe. It also improves muscle tone and coordination. Swimming boosts your child’s confidence and self-esteem. It takes away fear of water. Children also develop social skills when they participate in swimming activities. 

Dance Mouse

First of all, dancing is an excercise activity; moving with the rhythm of music is fun and allows children to express themselves. We offer dance extra mural for boys and girls such as Hip Hop, Disco, Freestyle, Rock n Roll, etc.....

There are a number of benefits for children when they dance. Dancing assists with emotional development, creativity, and health. Children also gain self-confidence and learn self-discipline. It also improves coordination and concentration.

Computer skills

Computer lessons for the children

Information technology is part of our daily lives. With fourth industrial revolution in full swing, it has become extremley important for us to teach children computer skills at young. In the recent state of the nation address the president of South Africa Mr Cyril Ramaphosa announced government plan to introduce Coding as a new subject at primary school level. This is great news for the children. At 123 Preschool, we laready offer computer studies to children to prepare them for life. Computers equip children with skills for jobs in the future, develop their computational and practical thinking and paint a clear picture of how the world operates.  

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